About Us

We're guessing the fact that you're here means you're curious and are looking for more for your life? Well, without doubt, you're in the right place!

Perhaps you're someone who...

Is in a place where your confidence is hiding away and stopping you from going for the promotion or new career you long for?

Worries that you're not selling yourself and making the best first impression you can with the way you communicate and present yourself visually?

Is very high achieving and carrying a ton of stress on your shoulders that’s stopping you from performing at your highest level?

Too often fills your body with unhealthy foods, or lacks the motivation to get yourself moving and exercising regularly, even though deep down you know you want something better for yourself?

Well, we're pleased to let you know that you now have the opportunity to tap into the most awesome team of experts and mentors, who want nothing more than to help you turn your life’s challenges around, so it can take off in the most miraculous ways!

Our purpose for coming together here is to guide and support people, just like you, to reach your most authentic and fullest potential. So, let’s share a little about who we are and why we’re qualified to walk alongside you on this journey.

We, at Discovernewu, are a collaboration – a team of individuals who have come together for a collective mission. That mission is to work with you in a multi-faceted way that will enhance every area of your life. We are all experts in our fields and bring unique knowledge, skills and experience that ensures we can support you with any challenge you face in your life and career, and every change you wish to make.

Our collective passion is around life-changing transformation. We know that this is a journey that unfolds from the inside-out – for lasting transformation, it is the only way. With our collective expertise, we can support you with both the internal and external work that’s required.

While we unquestionably believe you already have everything you need inside you to reach great heights and achieve big goals, none of us should have to go it alone. With a supportive team around you, you will uncover your answers and change your life far more quickly and in ways that you couldn't even imagine.

Whatever challenge you're facing, and whether you're looking to change one or many areas of your life, we've got you covered. Our expertise includes:

Nutrition and health

Fitness and wellbeing

Career and business

Finances and prosperity

Style and image

Leadership development

Team development / team dynamics

Employee wellness

Personal branding

Improving communication


As a team, we're here to work with you to create a bespoke mentoring package that's specifically designed to uplevel and improve the quality of your life in any area that you need. Our promise is that we'll leave no stone unturned in the support we give you, and we can, hand-on-heart, say that the transformation that's possible for you is truly phenomenal.

And we've gone to great lengths to ensure that connecting with us is easy and seamless. The intelligent, one-click technology behind our platform enables you to connect with us, in our different business locations around the world, with the option of working with us on or offline, depending on your particular location. We understand that once you've made the decision to get started, you don't want any delays. We pride ourselves on our fast response times to ensure you are not kept waiting, and that you are connected with the best partners to help with your specific needs.

To find out more about us and what we can offer you, come on over to our team page and check us out. If you’d like to explore your options around the bespoke packages, please contact us and let’s get your journey underway.