Abundance is Your Birthright 

Abundance is Your Birthright 

Author: Ilana Jankowitz - Mindful Money Coach

Truth alert – abundance is your birthright!

However, through our lives we unconsciously create money blocks that prohibit its flow. As a money coach, a tool I use is to define Archetypes. These help my clients understand themselves more deeply and what’s holding them back from an abundant life.

Today I’m sharing 13 money blocks that stop us creating the wealth, health and happiness we desire – some will be obvious, and others less so. If you’ve taken my Money Quiz, you’ll notice most of these traits show up with the Martyr Archetype (which is often a prominent one for women!).

1. Setting boundaries

I shared about this in a previous blog, so you can read more there. But needless to say, this is very important to master!

2. Dysfunctional family loyalties

Constant rescuing of others out of a false sense of loyalty does a huge disservice to yourself, your business and, in reality, to the people you’re rescuing!

This is serious self-sabotaging behaviour, because finances you really need to invest in your business growth, are being syphoned off to other places.

3. Unable to receive

When someone pays you a compliment how do you react? Do you shrug it off as nothing or graciously accept and say thank you?

How you handle this says a lot about how open you are to receive. If you find it hard and uncomfortable you need to work on this. To receive abundance, you must show you’re ready, willing and able.

4. Not knowing your niche

If you don’t know who you serve and how you serve them, it’s almost impossible to have an abundant business.

Get yourself out and network regularly. If that’s not possible then ensure you have a well-crafted profile on your social media pages that speaks really clearly to your ideal clients.

5. Unhealthy comparisons

We all know it’s not healthy or helpful to compare ourselves to others, yet we still do it!

Instead, take that energy and use it to find authentic opportunities and ways to collaborate with others who are a great fit for your business.

6. “I’m undeserving and unworthy”

Remember abundance is your birthright! So, repeat after me...

“I am worthy. I deserve this!”

Write it down, put it somewhere to remind you every day and say it out loud to really reinforce the words. Combine this with a daily gratitude practice, and you’ll have a powerful way to shift this block and call in abundance.

7. Not charging your worth

Unless you’re in the first few months of business, please, no bartering and no exchanging your services. You have to realise and charge your worth!

8. Say goodbye to procrastination

Brene Brown says, “When perfectionism is driving us, shame is always riding shotgun and fear is the backseat driver!” Procrastination is fear (‘false evidence appearing real’) – it stops you from taking action and creating abundance. Stop waiting and start doing and watch your abundance explode!

9. Not showing up

If you want business growth you need to get up and show up every day – no one is going to do the work for you! Catching up on your latest Netflix episode will not create abundance! So, set your working hours and get to it!

10. Being a people pleaser

The only person you need to please in your business is yourself! Yes, it’s important to aspire to have satisfied customers, but not at your own expense.

If you find someone really hard work, likely they’re not your ideal client. You’ll have a gut instinct about this – listen to it!

11. Doubting yourself

Believe me, you can do this!! Overwhelm creates doubt, so set yourself clear intentions each week and cross them off as you achieve them.

An accountability buddy or business support group is super helpful as well. Find people who believe in you and will encourage you to keep achieving.

12. Thinking small

How are you keeping yourself small? It’s time to think big, dream big and set big goals for your business. Set goals for this year, next year and 5-years from now.

And if you need help, ask for it! Not asking drastically limits your capabilities of growth.

13. Overwhelm to burnout

So many women with a strong Martyr archetype have had, or are close to, burnout.

Seriously – you’re meant to make lots of money in your business but overwhelm stops abundance in its tracks! Understanding your money behaviours and beliefs, and taking practical steps to reduce overwhelm, will clear those blocks and let abundance in.

If you resonate with any of these points that our awesome Money Coach, Ilana Jankowitz, has shared and are intrigued to discover how money coaching can help you, to visit her profile page.