Are You Ready to Achieve Your Goals?

We all digest information in different ways, so I’m sharing guidance and inspiration about achieving your goals both in writing (see below) and via this short video so you have a visual/audio version to enjoy as well.

Every New Year brings the opportunity to press the reset button and set new goals. And by February, for the vast majority, those goals are already a dim and distant memory.

It’s time for new and exciting goals

Unfortunately, the reality for many was that goals set for 2020 went un-reached. But that’s ok because if ever there was a year where we can let ourselves off the hook a little it was this last one!

But, now we’re firmly into 2021, we’ve been given the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start again.

So, are you ready to make this a significantly better year than last? Are you ready to set new goals and take control of your finances and pay all your credit cards and debt off?

You are? Excellent! If you read my blog from last month you should have your goals written down. So now….

Don’t let the big ‘P’ hold you back

For once I’m not talking pandemic! Oh no, the big ‘P’ I’m referring to is procrastination!

Procrastination is the biggest obstacle there is when it comes to achieving goals, and it’s something that affects us all.

I remember reading a quote that said…

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” 

And that’s the absolute truth of the matter. To reach new goals, be they financial or otherwise, you must be prepared to take action and stretch yourself into trying new things.

So, let me ask you, when you tune into why you procrastinate, what comes up for you?

If you’re like the vast majority of us (and yes I include myself in this too) the feeling that comes up is fear. Fear of…

Being judged, and
Of failure

Inside we tell ourselves that what we create won’t be good enough or really needed. Then we put it off and make excuses, which feeds our belief that as a person we’re simply not good enough.

Procrastinating on a goal often feels like a far less painful option than going for it and risking making a mistake or being rejected!

When it comes to procrastinating about sorting out finances, the feeling that stops us most often is an embarrassment. We think we’ll be so embarrassed if people know how much debt we have and how badly we manage our money. But the reality is no one cares about your debt or spending.

I promise you, whatever goal you’re procrastinating about, if you just go for it you’ll be absolutely fine! In fact, you’ll be more than fine, and here’s why…

Mistakes are your teacher

Once you’ve taken action, if something goes wrong remember this – there are no mistakes, only learning!

When we drop our egos and allow ourselves to be a student to the mistakes we make, we can see how much they have to teach us. There’s a wealth of opportunity for personal growth, expanding your knowledge, understanding where you need to reach out for help. All manner of important lessons is available that you might never get if you keep procrastinating and don’t allow yourself to make mistakes.

The late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer once said,

“Don’t die with the music in you.”

The world needs you to be brave and share the special gifts and talents that only you bring. So come on, why not make 2021 the year that you leave procrastination in the dust and go for your goals with all you’ve got?


If you want to understand why you procrastinate, contact our certified money coach Ilana Jankowitz here. Together we’ll explore ways to help you move forward and achieve all your most exciting goals.

My Fashion & Styling Journey

My fashion and styling journey started from a young age, growing up with a strong, elegant and powerful mother who spent hours taking care of her appearance. Every day her face, hair style, clothes and jewellery looked extraordinary. My mother was a respected businesswoman who purposely put together her overall look to suit her personality, and she was widely respected for her unique style.


Being raised in such a style conscious environment ignited my desire and vision for having my own brand. It was my ambition to one day be a stylist and fashion designer and educate people in the ways they could speak to the world through their style.


My passion drew me to study image consultancy at Dublin Institute of Design. There I worked with brands and local luxury shops, as well as My Personal Tailor creator, Mark Swan, styling models for their promotional campaigns. My experiences in Dublin pushed me to continue following my dream to learn more about fashion and create my own brand and one day open my own atelier in Milan.


This year, in 2020, I achieved a huge step in my ultimate dream when I finished my studies at Accademia del Lusso in Milan and graduated as a fashion designer! Since graduating I’ve continued to enhance my knowledge and I’m currently studying materials and digital pattern design. I love to study the history of fashion and adore the style of the 1950s. Just looking at Rita Heyworth and Audrey Hepburn in their open shoulder dresses gives me goosebumps! And Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly’s style and elegance can’t be matched.


As well as building my fashion empire, I’m the founder of Discovernewu, a digital platform of experts that help company CEOs and corporate clients raise their leadership game in all facets of business. I work with our clients to help them find their personal style and boost their confidence in both their personal and professional lives.

What’s next for me?

As well as continuing to build Discovernewu, it’s full steam ahead with establishing my luxury bespoke fashion brand for women in Russia, Dubai, Singapore and Europe. My focus is to create one of a kind dresses for ceremonies such as weddings, events, galas and exhibitions, where first and lasting impressions are important to my clients.


I work with beautiful luxury materials that I love and silk, chiffon, organza and velour jacquard are all favourites because of the sensual way they show off a woman’s elegance. I prefer to choose top-quality, eco-friendly and sustainable materials made in Italy. I also love using Swarovski stones to add a touch of glamour. Recently, I created 14 dresses and I’m working on finding a partner and supplier in Italy. I’m so excited to have been introduced to Paolo Oldiani who is based in Luino in Italy, and has worked directly with Gianfranco Ferré, the famous Italian fashion designer. 

Why understanding your personal brand is so important


“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world…Fashion is instant language.” ~ Miuccia Prada


As a stylist my mission is to transform women’s wardrobes by creating an easy, elegant style. I pick out all of their best clothes and match them with jewellery and shoes (and a new hairstyle if necessary!) to give them an overall look that is their unique calling card.


Here are some images from my last styling consultancy shoot, to give you a flavour of how I work. 


It’s important to choose your wardrobe wisely by first identifying your style and understanding the dress code for different occasions. Playing with your style by mixing and matching different pieces can give you an entirely fresh new look.

Remember, your style is your personal brand and should showcase your personality. It’s so important to choose the right materials and colours, and to also understand your body shape to create a perfect personal collection.


Be inspired (as many fashion designers are) by colour, art, sculpture, nature and architecture. Sketch your ideal clothes or find images, and gather swatches of your favourite materials. These will all help an experienced style designer create the perfect wardrobe for you.


With the right help, creating the perfect set of clothes for any occasion is easier than you think. 

I’m here to give you the very best support to create a wonderful new you! You can contact me any time for a consultation and style audit. My exclusive service will transform your wardrobe into a unique professional look.

Why we need more women leaders

Why we need more women leaders

“Women make up about 40% of all employees, but just 6% of CEOs” – Goldman Sachs report (2018)

“Women CEOs make up 6.4% of the Fortune 500 list in America. An increase from the previous years but still incredibly low” – 2017 Fortune 500

Nowadays, these facts and numbers are sadly still not surprising. We are well aware that women leaders are still a rarity, but despite this awareness, it is still difficult to fill in the gender diversity gap.

In recent years, research has shown that increasing female leadership is helping companies thrive with unprecedented results. The data also suggests that, in many areas, employers and their industries have unfortunatley not "returned the favor".

According to a research conducted by The Harris Poll in 2018, half of Americans would like to work for a female leader.

Women-led organizations are also more likely to have employees engaged, inspired, and satisfied than male-led companies - women-led companies are, therefore, not only good for business but also good for employees.

Simply put, women in leadership positions give better overall results.
It’s time to change the gender diversity in our leadership teams as well as create a new form of leadership.
What are the key factors to develop to be a woman leader? There are definitely many:

Resilience, Community building, ability to set healthy boundaries, innovation, empathy, just to name a few.

Let’s look at the 3 key elements that I define as most important:

- Setting boundaries: as a leader you must learn to say NO more often, being conscious that saying no opens up many more opportunities to say yes to. Setting boundaries doesn’t mean being selfish, it actually means that you will be able to show up with more authenticity, presence and love. Setting clear boundaries will also prevent you from stress, anger and resentment. As a woman leader, you need to protect your time and energy and you do that by setting effective boundaries.

- Resilience: is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. In this ever changing situation worldwide, being able to overcome personal and professional setbacks is key. It means you’re flexible, you bend but you don’t break. You can build resilience by fully being present with yourself, your needs and by not attaching any meaning about yourself to facts that happen. Being resilient means that you are willing to experience also the “negative” emotions , but without letting them stop you. You’ll be able to see “failure” as lessons to learn from and that will give you even more strenght.

- Self reflection: research shows that leaders who value self reflection are better performing. Being able to ask yourself deep questions, knowing your values and desires, getting the support of a coach all deepens your self awareness and self reflection skills. A woman leader who knows her vision and is able to connect with her own intuition is a powerful asset for every company

When as women leaders we are able to switch from the reactive and stress-filled attitude to one of proactive, engaged and generous everyone’s experience improves. Our performance gets better, the work of people around us gets better, and honestly it’s way more fun!
The change starts with you.
Whether you’re already holding a leadership position in your current company, or you are starting your own entrepreneurial project, or you simply want to become a role model that inspires your family and the community you’re living in, know that you can express your authentic and full leadership.
If you want some help with building your resilience, mantain useful boundaries and explore deep self reflection, then book a free consultation with Giulia, life & leadership coach for women.
She will help you step into your authentic and courageous leadership, both in your personal life and your career.

If you wish to learn more about these procedures, to book consultation with

What you gain from the Silva Method?

What you gain from the Silva Method?


In just 15 minutes a day, you could have the answer to CONSISTENT SUCCESS in your career & personal life, unshakable health, happiness, and a life awakened to your purpose.

The Silva Method has been studied in universities around the world and its benefits are scientifically proven.

  1. Leverage Your Personal Energy.

Imagine for just a moment what it would feel like to be in “total control” of your mind, body and emotions… This seminar was originally called Silva Mind Control for just this reason! After attending the Silva Method seminar, you will be able to direct your personal energy, minimize the negative effects of stress and improve your health.

You will be able to relax your mind and body in seconds. You will know how to improve your immune system, reduce the effects of aging, stay “forever young” and calm yourself instantly. But that’s not all.

When you direct your energy you can achieve a healthy, positive state in seconds. This is the first key to a happier life. Without this ability, your health deteriorates, you age quicker, your relationships suffer, and you work harder and longer to achieve less.


  1. Reach Goals Quicker & Solve Problems Creatively.

Upon studying Silva’s training, Dr. James Motif of the Psychology Department in Hope University, Australia, found that it led to an increase in adherence to moral and ethical standards, positive attitudes to family members and better social self-image. It also led to a decrease in self-criticism.

In addition, Dr. George Desau, in a study on Silva graduates at the Incarnate School for Girls in San Antonio, Texas, found that our curriculum boosted ego strength, helped prevent shyness, increased trust and cooperation among students and led to greater self-assurance and warm-heartedness.

To achieve what you want out of life, you first need to know what you want! Then comes the challenge of staying focused, positive and motivated – a quality called DYNAMIC FOCUS.

We create what we focus on. By learning to focus on your goals, you will become more positive and directed, and you will more easily be able to leap over obstacles on your path.


  1. Free Yourself From Negative Beliefs and Behaviors.

Rewire your brain for success. Any message repeated often enough, especially during childhood, forms the seeds of deep-rooted beliefs. From infancy we have all been unconsciously “programmed” by our parents, teachers, siblings, the media and society, mostly with good intentions but bad results. Silva Mind Control was created to free us of these negative beliefs and behaviors.

As children, for example, many of us were told, “If you want to be successful in life you need to do well in school.” A bad student who grows up believing this has dismal prospects for the future.

Yet we all know of bad students who became extremely successful such as Edison, Einstein and Churchill. Avoid being a victim…take action now and own your life!

In Silva Mind Control, now known as The Silva Method, you will learn skills to gain control over your own mind so that you can consciously expand your limits, overcome negative programming and continue to grow.


  1. Make Better Decisions and Recognize Your Opportunities.

Access your creativity and intuition. Making the most of opportunities also means recognizing them for what they are.

Imagine having such a keen sense of intuition, so well developed, that you could reliably and regularly tap into its source. Would this type of ability have helped you make better decisions in the past?

Intuition, like creativity and imagination, is a faculty of genius, and a function of the right brain hemisphere, in our opinion. Ninety percent of adults have lost their ability to draw from this part of their intelligence; although we all possessed these abilities as children.

Regain your creative genius by enrolling in the Silva Method program. You will learn proven, reliable techniques to access your creativity and intuition on demand.


  1. Learn to naturally accelerate your body’s rate of healing.

Jose Silva firmly believed that the mind is the driving force behind ALL healing.

In the Silva 4 Day Immersion you will learn a variety of mental visualization methods designed to accelerate your mind and body’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing. These results have been studied and endorsed by a variety of medical practitioners.

For example, the late Dr. O. Carl Simonton, a world-renowned cancer therapy researcher, described the Silva Method as one of the “most powerful single tools” that he could offer to his patients.


  1. Boost your creativity

Studies show that creativity is enhanced when functioning at the Alpha level.

During the 4 Day Immersion Experience, you will learn how to enter the Alpha level at will and then to use your creative mind to help you think of solutions to problems, enhance creativity or let inspiration flow.

Silva graduates have used this process to develop patents, start new businesses, or to create works of art, literature and music. Here are some examples:

Bestselling author Richard Bach praised The Silva Method publicly: “Mental discipline and creative visualization are what’s behind the power of the Silva Method,” he said in an article in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Bach also credits inspiration from The Silva Method as having helped him finish his best-selling book, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.


Book your session with Katarzyna Ostasz to discover more.