Employee Wellness

Corporate Program: Energy, Vitality, Better Performance, Right Nutrition

Have you ever wondered why so many of your employees seem not be motivated or solution orientated but restless and stressed at the same time?  

The answer is: low energy level.

It is being said  "The first day of your illness is the day when you use more energy than you gain"

Accordingly, stress and inadequate food make us a little sicker every day. Due to lack of time, competitive pressure and haste, we lose a lot of vital energy and thus weaken our immune system.

While offering coffee and biscuits has been a common practice in many companies, there are only few, that will promote healthier approach and offer their employees fresh fruits and water, instead of soft drinks.

And what about the employees mental wellbeing? Will the companies be actively offering programs for stress managements or work-life balance? Hardly, and therefore, there is a great potential of addressing our programs, workshops, webinars or person to person couching, which will cover below topics

-Positive thinking

-Stress reduction

-Mental wellbeing

-Social engagement and relationship

-Body-mind connection for better performance

-People under time pressure

-Working mothers

-Brain power

-Clean body – cleansing program for employees

-Food as addiction

-Lunch challenge

-Spices and emotions

-Water – best energy drink

-The optimal nutrition for all

-Weight loss

-Beauty and self-care daily program


If we have aroused your interest and you see the potential or maybe even an urgency to improve your team`s performance, we will be happy to taylor the offer in accordance to your needs and numbers of the employees interested in specific topics.

Living after motto: You cannot pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself

Corporate Wellness 

Group Wellness Program 

Getting Started 

Did you know.... 

93% of small businesses consider their employees’ physical and mental health to be important to their bottom line... (3) But despite that, just 22 percent of those businesses are currently offering a wellness program. (4) 

That means 71% of those business owners above need someone to help them and their employees manage their health. And that someone might just be you. 

What are those small business owners most concerned about? Employee stress, working while sick, psychological well-being, weight management, and addictive habits. (3) 

When asked what health and wellness programs they would be most likely to invest in: 

  • 26 percent of small-business owners said stress management
  • 24 percent said health education, prevention or screening, and 
  • 12 percent said weight management programs. (4) 

Getting Started 

What’s the bottom line here? 

Sixty-nine percent of small business owners said that they would be interested in a wellness program they could customize to the needs of their small business. (4) 

Getting Started 

Corporate Wellness can take many different forms. While there is not one structure or formula that works for everyone, you will want to embrace an approach based upon your background, strengths, education and goals. 

A comprehensive Corporate Wellness business might include: 

  • Lunch and Learns 
  • Customized Workshops 

Webinar (or webinar series)

  • Consulting 
  • Contracting 


  1. Webinar or Lunch and Learn Topics could include topics such as: 


-Food and Travel

-Healthy Habits

-Goal Setting and Food Tracking 

-Immune Support

-Motivation and Mindset 

-Meal Planning 

-Negative Thoughts 

-Relationships and Communication 

-Self Care and Stress Management

-Sugar Detox

-Your Environment 

Weight Loss

  1. Exercise programs can be put in place. 
  2. Weekly or Monthly health coaching, one-on-one or group programs can be utilized. 
  3. Distribution of educational material
  4. Meditation rooms for relaxation and de-stressing may be put into place. 
  5. Prizes and Perks are very popular. 

Does Corporate Wellness still sound like the right choice for you? 

DiscoverNewU is ready and able to implement customized wellness programs based on your company's needs and budget. 

Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your needs further