Facial slapping? Questions to PD Dr. Mathias Tremp

The facial slapping is a natural phenomenon of time and is individually different. External factors such as nicotine, insomnia or alcohol play a role in this process, but genetic factors are also important. There are various options for how to either prevent the face slapping or to treat effectively.
Can the face be stretched with Botulinum or Fillers?
If there is no or only a small surplus of skin and primarily the wrinkles are disturbing in the mimic, the botulinum is ideal. The effect of the botulinum comes after 2 – 7 days (individually different). Fillers like e.g. B. Hyaluronic acid can be seen as a result of some regions in the face of the B. The cheek area or lip region replace the volume again. However, the treatment is not long-lasting and should be repeated approximately every 6 months.
What is the Liquid Facelift?
The Liquid Facelift is a fashion concept and behind it is the attractive idea of facial tightening without scalpel. The Liquid Facelift is a special type of filler injection, with the lost volume in the face area being upholstered by injections. Hyaluronic acid, but also so-called collagen biostimulators (calcium hydroxylapatite or poly-L lactic acid) can be used. It is biodegradable substances, which lasts 9 to 18 months.
What is the thread lifting?
With the thread lifting, the skin is stretched without scalpel. The slept skin parts are stretched with the help of fine, usually absorbible threads with the withhooks. The threads are like a kind of support frame. In addition, the threads are regulated by the removal process of the skin-gene collagen production and acts as a biostimulator. The surgery is performed in local anaesthetic and lasts approximately. 30 – 45 minutes. Treatment is ideal for younger patients between 30 and 50 years of age who do not want to be suitable or decide to be surgical facial tightening. Usually the thread lifting lasts 18 months to 2 years.
What is the microneedling radiofrequency treatment?
Microneedling with radio frequency is the new power combination for better skin. Treatment is suitable for face, neck, decolet or stretch strips due to pregnancy, refining acne scars or the treatment of excessive sweating. The mechanical and thermal stimulation makes the skin strain in a very gentle way, the recovery is 1 to 2 days. Treatment is poor, lasts 30 to 60 minutes and should be repeated twice to 4 weeks at least. To maintain success, treatment should be refreshed every 6 to 12 months.
What is the Vampire Lift?
The blood plasma (PRP) is injected directly under the skin, similar to that of mesotherapy. This tolerable process leads to a cell renewal, forms new tissue and the skin feels fresh and youthful. As a rule, treatment should be repeated three times at 4 weeks interval, to maintain success, treatment should be refreshed every 12 months.
What is the TCA-Peeling?
The TCA-peeling is the combination of different fruit acids combined with a TCA (trichloroecilic acid) solution. The result is increased blood circulation and increased production of collagen and elastic fibres. This method is suitable for refreshing, smoothing, rejuvenating, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin.
Can the individual treatments be combined?
The methods described can be combined and complement themselves. For example, the vampire lift with thread lift is suitable for playing, or the microneedling radiofrequency treatment with the collagen biostimulators. The TCA-peeling is also suitable with surgical facial tightening and can be done simultaneously with the operation.
What is to be observed after the operation?
After each facial treatment, consistent sun protection LSF 50 to at least 4 weeks after treatment is very important. We also give you swelling medications and skin care. Depending on the treatment, you can either be immediately back to societal (Botox, Fillers), in 2 to 5 days (TCA-peeling, thread lifting, vampire lifting, microneedling radiofrequency treatment) or after 3 to 4 weeks (surgical facial tightening).

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