Fitness and Wellbeing

You and your body are unique.
That s why my personal training always tailored to your goals and personal needs like weight
loss ,building muscle mass, flexibility etc.
It is extremely important for me that the training session is not boring.
I achieve that with varied exercises and setting always new goals step by step.

I offer:
Consultation and Motivation
Nutritional advices
Fitness training
Pilates training
TRX training
Body forming training(mix from different training styles)
Posture training
Functional training

1-on-1 Distance Coaching - 360 degree BeneFit Gold Wellbeing package

Perfect for transition periods: for busy professionals in between jobs, maternity/paternity
leave, retirement, moving countries, after a health scare, etc.
This is a comprehensive, deep-dive into re-focusing on your personal health and wellbeing
and the start of building healthier habits and becoming healthier in many areas of your life.
This intense coaching program includes up to 20 hours of coaching by phone or Skype for up
to 16 weeks.
We work together to create a flexible plan based on where you are today, where you would
like to be in 4 months, and what thoughts, actions, and habits will get you there. Following a
comprehensive health evaluation, areas of lifestyle improvement are identified and addressed.
This flexible, in-depth plan includes:
* Motivational mindset coaching
* Detailed monthly workouts and a movement plan customized to your goals, available
equipment, injury history, and lifestyle (No gym is necessary)
* A customized eating plan including calculated daily energy needs and macronutrient
requirements, meal preparation ideas, shopping lists, recipes, and supplement
* Sleep optimization strategies for better recovery and sharp daytime performance
* Stress and mood management techniques
* Weekly support with your coach to keep you accountable
* Live Skype workouts to maximize technique, progress, and performance, while minimizing
* Materials and workouts delivered directly to your mobile device through BeneFit's
customized application
Week by week, BeneFit focuses on what is necessary to keep you progressing towards your
goals. We discuss and evaluate challenges and identify solutions or adjustments to take
charge of your wellbeing.

1-on-1 Distance Coaching
360 degree BeneFit Silver Wellbeing package

Perfect for a re-focus on your health, but at a less intense pace over 6-9 months. This
coaching program includes the features of the NutritFit Gold program. Up to 12 hours of
coaching are included by phone or Skype for up to 9 months and check-ins with your coach
occur 1-2 times per month.

Group Distance Coaching
StrongFit Online Group Coaching Program

A 3 day per week total body strength training program for people who want to get strong, fit,
lean, and more confident from home or while traveling with minimal equipment. StrongFit
Online Group Coaching is the most flexible, cost-effective, and innovative way to reach your
health and fitness goals using an application that connects directly to your mobile device.
Membership includes 3 unique and detailed total body workouts each month that last 45-60
minutes, nutrition and lifestyle guidance, access to the StrongFit online community, and
ongoing support from your coach.