My Go-To Accessory Basics

I view my go-to accessory basics as equally important as the basic clothing pieces I have in my wardrobe. If we don’t have our basics nailed (with clothes and accessories), then the process of putting together a great top-to-toe look can be very frustrating indeed!

I see jewellery as the staple of a great ensemble, and the special ingredient that raises it to the next level. For me adding accessories to an outfit is like putting spices in your food – they elevate the final look from ok to sublime!

So, let’s take a look at the items that are often viewed as “wardrobe basics”, and I’ll show you the jewellery I’d add from my “accessories basics”.

The white shirt

White shirts look fabulous with a pair of jeans, black pants or a skirt. It’s a smart but basic style that looks great on everyone.

I love to combine this look with a long horn necklace, which is super comfortable to wear because it’s so lightweight. This style of necklace is stylish and youthful and really elevates this basic outfit to something that’s super chic.


La petite robe noire

Also known as “the little black dress”, this has been a staple in women’s wardrobes for decades. It’s the perfect piece to wear on those days when you know you’ll be going from day to night without an opportunity to pop home and change.

For a day/work look, I’ll wear my petite robe noire with a fabulous chunky black chain link horn necklace, or an elegant short white pearl necklace.

To switch things up and transform the dress into an evening look, I’ll combine it with a statement chunky pearl necklace or, if I’m in the mood to really be noticed, I’ll opt for a multicoloured mop chunky necklace.


Trouser Suits

A great trouser suit is another look that’s perfect for wearing from day to night and, while I love the edginess of a dark suit, my personal favourite is all white pants and jacket.  During the day a suit looks smart with a beautiful coloured shirt, t-shirt or cute cami underneath. For evening you can be a little more daring and remove the top and just wear the jacket buttoned up with a beautiful lacy bra underneath.

Without doubt any of the horn pieces I have in my “basics” collection look great with this style. But if I want to make the look a little more show stopping, I’ll add a gold chain with a large pendant.


Patterns and colours

I adore busy patterns, but I don’t want my accessories to be in competition with them. This is definitely a time to pair things back and keep my accessories super simple and elegant. So, with a bold patterned top I’ll forgo a necklace and instead add a statement bracelet and a pair of earrings.


You’ll sometimes see me wearing clothes from a sea coloured pallet – the natural shades are truly elegant and timeless. To perfectly compliment the pallet and give a nod to the sea, I’ll often wear them with pearls.

I hope you now see that with just a few great accessories you can really transform a basic look. Don’t be afraid to add unique pieces that show your personality and spice up your wardrobe staples.

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