My Journey to Fashion, Styling and Personal Branding

My journey to fashion, styling and personal branding started from a young age, growing up with a strong, elegant and powerful mother who spent hours taking care of her appearance. Every day her face, hairstyle, clothes and jewellery looked extraordinary. My mother was a respected businesswoman who purposely put together her overall look to suit her personality, and she was widely respected for her unique style.

Being raised in such a style-conscious environment ignited my desire and vision for having my own brand. It was my ambition to one day be a stylist and fashion designer and educate people in the ways they could speak to the world through their style.

My passion drew me to study image consultancy at the Dublin Institute of Design. There I worked with brands and local luxury shops, as well as My Personal Tailor creator, Mark Swan, styling models for their promotional campaigns. My experiences in Dublin pushed me to continue following my dream to learn more about fashion and create my own brand and one day open my own atelier in Milan.

This year, in 2020, I achieved a huge step in my ultimate dream when I finished my studies at Accademia del Lusso in Milan and graduated as a fashion designer! Since graduating I’ve continued to enhance my knowledge and I’m currently studying materials and digital pattern design. I love to study the history of fashion and adore the style of the 1950s. Just looking at Rita Heyworth and Audrey Hepburn in their open shoulder dresses gives me goosebumps! And Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly’s style and elegance can’t be matched.

As well as building my fashion empire, I’m the founder of Discovernewu, a digital platform of experts that help company CEOs and corporate clients raise their Corporate leadership training game in all facets of the business. I work with our clients to help them find their personal style and boost their confidence in both their personal and professional lives.

What’s next for me?

As well as continuing to build Discovernewu, it’s full steam ahead with establishing my luxury bespoke fashion brand for women in Russia, Dubai, Singapore and Europe. My focus is to create one of a kind dresses for ceremonies such as weddings, events, galas and exhibitions, where first and lasting impressions are important to my clients.

I work with beautiful luxury materials that I love silk, chiffon, organza and velour jacquard are all favourites because of the sensual way they show off a woman’s elegance. I prefer to choose top-quality, eco-friendly and sustainable materials made in Italy. I also love using Swarovski stones to add a touch of glamour. Recently, I created 14 dresses and I’m working on finding a partner and supplier in Italy. I’m so excited to have been introduced to Paolo Oldiani who is based in Luino in Italy and has worked directly with Gianfranco Ferré, the famous Italian fashion designer. 

Why recognition of personal branding is so important

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world…Fashion is instant language.” ~ Miuccia Prada

As an online stylist, my mission is to transform women’s wardrobes by creating an easy, elegant style. I pick out all of their best clothes and match them with jewellery and shoes (and a new hairstyle if necessary!) to give them an overall look that is their unique calling card.

Here are some images from my last styling consultancy shoot, to give you a flavour of how I work. 

It’s important to choose your wardrobe wisely by first identifying your style and understanding the dress code for different occasions. Playing with your style by mixing and matching different pieces can give you an entirely fresh new look.

Remember, personal branding is your style and should showcase your personality. It’s so important to choose the right materials and colours and to also understand your body shape to create a perfect personal collection.

Be inspired (as many fashion designers are) by colour, art, sculpture, nature and architecture. Sketch your ideal clothes or find images, and gather swatches of your favourite materials. These will all help an experienced style designer create the perfect wardrobe for you.

With the right help, creating the perfect set of clothes for any occasion is easier than you think. 

I’m here to give you the very best support to create a wonderful new you! You can contact me any time for a consultation and style audit. My exclusive service will transform your wardrobe into a unique professional look.