Teaching Children a Positive Money Mindset

Teaching children a positive money mindset early in life is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

In so many ways our childhood shapes us. As we grow, we mirror many of our parents’ behaviours in a watch-learn-repeat type of process.

Make meditation super easy and fun

I know meditation is great for me. I deeply desire to have my meditation practice every day. I know that meditation has been changing and improving my life for better.

There are so many studies about the benefits of meditation that I am not even going to write them here as you can simply ‘google’ them up. I can only ensure you that by a regular practice of meditation you will invite more light into your life, you will increase your happiness and creativity.

Taking care of the brain

Everyone knows someone or knows of someone with Alzheimer`s or dementia. I personally watched my grandmother going through all Alzheimer stages and it was heartbreaking. While these conditions are mostly spread among seniors, the brain fog, another neuro degenerative disease, will be the problem of younger population.

Does Your Wardrobe Need a Summer Detox?

When I work with clients I ask them to tell me about the contents of their wardrobe. How many jackets do they have? What colours dominate? Do they have more trousers or dresses? The answer that nearly always comes back is…no idea!

The fact is we often wear only twenty percent of the clothes in our wardrobe regularly. We stick with the easy and familiar, so no wonder we don’t know what else we have!

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Do you realise that if you change your thinking you can change your life?
Today’s the day you’re going to learn one of the most powerful secrets of life and begin to create limitless joy!

How do you feel right now?

Let’s start by checking in with how you feel right now. What are your current emotions? Are you feeling good, bad, happy or sad?

12 Reasons to Meal Prep

Disclaimer: I’m going to give heaps of advice and good tricks in this article.

They will not all work for you! You have to find that happy spot where meal planning takes the edge off, rather than put more pressure on your daily life. Doing everything I advise here is too way too much. You will find what works for you, and you will use it to your benefit. Until then it’s all about trying new ways in a slow and sustainable way!

The truth about detoxing – 4 biggest myths debunked

Thanks to much of what we hear in the media, detoxing has earned a reputation for being unhealthy and even unsafe. When you hear the word “detox,” you immediately think of all-liquid diets, expensive supplements and short-term deprivation for short-term gains?

The truth is, a detox doesn’t have to involve any of the above—and if you detox or cleanse, as I like to call it, in a healthy, supportive manner, you can achieve lasting results in weight loss, energy gain and immune support.

TCA scrub? Questions to PD Dr. Mathias Tremp

Many patients suffer from fine scars on the face, skin irregularities, small wrinkles or sun-related skin damage.

Also relatively widespread is the so-called melasma or chloasma, an excessive accumulation of melanin in the skin, which leads to shifts in pigmentation.

The TCA peeling is a gentle, non-surgical facial treatment and is well tolerated by all skin types and ages.

Stop Asking Yourself What You Want to Do Next

As a life coach I get asked all the time by the most talented, amazing and competent women “What
should I do?” and “What do I want to do?”
Those two are pretty different questions, as one usually reflects an external view based on
common moral or society’s expectations, whereas the other addresses the client’s inner world and
Still, those two inquiries have something in common: they can become stressful for so many of us.

It’s All About Accessories

I love to think of clothes and accessories like this…your body is a beautiful blank canvas, and on the canvas you create a picture of colours, patterns and textures with the clothes you wear. Now this picture in and of itself is wonderful, but when you add the extra details with accessories – a pop of extra colour here, a touch of movement, texture or sparkle there – you turn your picture into a masterpiece!


Fast Fashion & First Impressions

The world as we know it is in the midst of a huge transformation, and the fashion world is changing along with it.

One of the positive aspects of the Coronavirus (yes there are some!) is the opportunity we’ve been presented with to reflect on what’s really important in our lives, and the impact we’re having on the planet. And in the case of the fashion world the reflections have been around ‘fast fashion’.


What you gain from the Silva Method?

In just 15 minutes a day, you could have the answer to CONSISTENT SUCCESS in your career & personal life, unshakable health, happiness, and a life awakened to your purpose.

The Silva Method has been studied in universities around the world and its benefits are scientifically proven.

Abundance is Your Birthright

Truth alert – abundance is your birthright!

However, through our lives we unconsciously create money blocks that prohibit its flow. As a money coach, a tool I use is to define Archetypes. These help my clients understand themselves more deeply and what’s holding them back from an abundant life.

Job Seeking in Times of Crisis – Tapping into Abundance

Job seeking in times of crisis can often seem like a counter intuitive thing to do, and many people find themselves asking, “Is it even possible to find a job during a recession?”

In 2008, wanting to make a major career switch, I enrolled on a Master’s degree in Energy Management, which I was confident would enable me to get a brilliant job in the area of sustainability. Things turned out very differently however, and instead I experienced a year of unemployment at the end of my course.

What Color To Wear on New Year’s Eve According To Eliza Joanska

The most cherished holiday of the year for many people in the New Year. Many fashion designers are preparing for the New Year’s arrival in advance. Every year, the last day of December brings the excitement of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Best Outfit Ideas for Christmas

Christmas parties are the perfect excuse to go out of the way in terms of dressing. Eliza Joanska is one of the best personal stylist can guide you what to wear on Christmas to look beautiful, eye catching, and stunning. Gold boots for lunch, sparkling stone earrings for dinners and platform sandals for brunch, you’re free to wear anything you like during the holiday season. So how can you settle for anything less than spectacular?
A list of Christmas party outfit ideas for all the beautiful women out there. Take a look.

How to select a perfect dress to gift on this Christmas

Despite all the festive cheer and time with loved ones that come with the Christmas holiday season, it can also be a stressful time if you plan on buying gifts for everyone in your life. Choosing a gift for a boss or coworker who makes your 9 to 5 a lot more enjoyable, your extended family or devoted best friend, giving a gift is one of the most simple, yet meaningful, ways to say thank you.