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Italian Elegance Experience


Alberto Vedelago, the "Personalitailor", has created in Venice land the brand ACCADEMYA, after 30 years of experience in the sartorial fashion for man.

This long career allowed him to know all its secrets... from the choice of the finest raw natural materials, to the design of the models, to the fitting study and to the tailoring techniques.

He also had in charge the visual techniques and the study of the image, as manager for one of the most qualified Italian companies in the sector, of 100 stores worldwide where he teached the elegance secrets. All these activities earned him the appellative “Master of Elegance”.

Thanks to this asset ACCADEMYA promotes around the world the knowledge of the Italian tailoring elegance, with lessons and workshops that can be requested individually or in groups.



Alberto Vedelago has created and uses an innovative method to create customized clothing for men.

The method is based on the more rigorous tailoring dictates combined with some accurate techniques to study the personality.

In fact his distinctive operating consists in taking not only body measurements of guests, but in sizing up their “personality” as well. Just this way it is possible to create unique outfits that can enhance people aesthetically, making them feel good inside at the same time.

To achieve this Alberto takes time to understand his client personality and combines with sartorial elegances. An ACCADEMYA signed garment represents the personality of the wearer and guarantees all the qualities of finely made Italian sartorial clothing.

Managers, entrepreneurs, champions, artists, trainers, authors, entertainers, but also people just careful about their image, in Italy and in the world, have chosen ACCADEMYA and rely on Alberto Vedelago to be enhanced through his clothes and “total look” accessories made exclusively for them and fitted exactly on their personality.



"Two twins can have the exact same size.

But they will never have the same personality."

Alberto Vedelago Personalitailor®


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