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I am a Certified Health Coach that helps people take charge of their health once and for all. I have a university degree in Environmental Science and worked in the renewable energy sector in the United States for 15 years before moving to Switzerland to raise my two little kids. I’ve always been interested in natural health and wellness and love incorporating my passion for natural health with my desire to protect our planet as well. I believe that to make the world a better place we first have to be happy in our own bodies.
I specialize in working with families as I think a healthy family is important. Most of the time this initiative comes from busy moms who want to have more energy for themselves, lose weight and keep their families healthy. They often struggle with too much to do syndrome which results in exhaustion, brain fog, and constant sickness. They desire balance in their lives so they are better equipped to make better decisions for keeping their family healthy. They are in a constant cycle of guilt; guilty for not making better food at home, guilty they aren’t taking care of themselves better, guilty for watching Netflix, guilty for eating chocolate - it never ends. They are overwhelmed by the myriad of health and nutritional information out there and find solace in mid afternoon coffee and sweets and binge watching Netflix. But really all they want is for themselves and their families to be healthy.

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