Claire Corbett



Claire Corbett is the Founder of Right Point. Based in Zurich, Claire is a specialist in the Diversity and Inclusion space, delivering impactful corporate trainings and strategies to help organizations, globally, to support their employees, improve internally processes and mindset to create a more inclusive, diverse and effective workplace.
Her passion is to make a difference. Claire achieves this through her strategy work with industry leaders, group trainings and individual coaching, especially women and minorities in business. Claire is results driven. Her D&I work in various organizations has led to significant results and benefits, including increased profits through greater productivity, higher levels of staff retention, due to more fulfilment and inclusivity and improved company brand
image. Her experience spans over 20 years, working for both corporates and start-ups. She draws from her varied personal and professional experience to design and create impactful programmes that result in real change.
Claire is originally from Ireland and has lived in many different countries including the Ireland, US, France, the UK and now Switzerland. Claire’s unique combination of over 10 years in corporate banking, business degree, coaching diploma, working in the US start up scene in early 2000’s and her own entrepreneurial ventures, puts her in a unique position to share her knowledge, experience of working in challenging workplaces and practical advice on the challenges of today’s ever changing business world.

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