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My first book about health I read in 1996, which was the beginning of my journey into the world of nutrition, healthy eating habits, techniques applicable to the detoxification of the body, just to name few…

It quickly became my passion to learn more about this subject area and as the years passed, I realized, that mankind has moved far away from the nature. 

The state of being healthy and happy is less and less common. We are overeating on wrong foods, living in constant stress, hardly doing any sports and, most importantly, ignoring signals sent by the body that its balance is significantly disrupted. 

I am teaching how to recognize and analyze these signals before we develop chronic illnesses. I will show you how your food choices and mind set could be your medicine and the best way to avoid quick but illusional fix – toxic pill. I believe that whole plant food diet is the key to overall health but do not demonize animal products. I strongly recommend and encourage everyone to return to home cooking, simple meals, fresh and natural products, one of the biggest contributions to our well-being.

I also offer personal shopping to help you understand ingredients, product structure and how they effect your health. Will also clean and re-organize your fridge, pantry and bathroom.

My Credo is: You are WHAT you EAT and WHAT you THINK.

I am Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach, currently studying Ayurveda Nutrition on HPS in Luzern.

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