Ilana Jankowitz


Ilana Jankowitz


Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Ilana Jankowitz is a certified Mindset Money Coach, NLP Practitioner, and a happily married mum of two young adult children, who are now both pursuing their life’s passions.  

Ilana is the founder of Mindful Money Coaching, helping women in business unblock their money and increase their Magician Archetype. She believes we don’t have business problems, but personal money issues that show up in our business or work. 

Ilana utilities many fascinating tools and exercises in her coaching. Each one is designed to support her clients with the inner work required to understand how their money stories were created. With this newfound knowledge they’re able to heal and transform their stories, and bring abundance, clarity and joy into their lives and work. 

 Having undergone her own money coaching transformation, Ilana is a coach that really walks her talk in every way. She’s extremely passionate about her work and her clients, and loves nothing more than to go above and beyond in supporting their ongoing transformation.

If you’re ready to change your money relationship and get yourself and your business out into the world in big ways, take Ilana’s  Money Type Quizand then book a free, no obligation call to talk through your results. Your life of abundance awaits you!

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