Katarzyna Ostasz


Katarzyna Ostasz


Katarzyna Ostasz – Accredited International Mind and Business Coach, Silva Method Trainer that support people from all over the world to discover their potential on a personal and professional level while simultaneously teaching them how to live their life to the fullest. She uses in her work a holistic approach based on clients’ reality, needs and their professional and business experiences. By her side, you’ll discover your INFINITE POTENTIAL and you’ll manifest your DESIRE.


Why you should hire Katarzyna?

10 years of international working experience.

A regular contributor to expert statements in the media.

Over 800 hours of coaching practice.

Over 4000 participants of lectures and stationary presentations.

Over 3000 participants in online training and webinars. 

Author of a popular online program ‘Awaken Your Awesomeness Within You’

She helps to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

She helps people and businesses to move on.

She creates business strategies for small businesses.

She creates strategies to increase productivity and creativity by using the relaxation techniques by using, for example, the Silva method tools. Read more about the Silva Method HERE-> https://silvamethod.ie/

She teaches how to act despite fear and stress.

Her expertise packed into online courses, webinars, coaching and mentoring sessions will give you a life full of satisfaction, stable and profitable business, love, happiness, travel, and freedom. As a future or experienced entrepreneur, you will start to breathe deeply, stress will become your friend and you’ll become more productive.


Also, Katarzyna works with business managers, business leaders, and high achievers to teach them how to:

1. Trigger creative ideas to stay ahead of the competition

2. Replace manager doldrums, headaches and burnout with dynamic ongoing enthusiasm

3. Gain in managerial skills when you control your mind

4. Enhance memory and concentration for effective management

5. Handle difficult people and solving discipline problems

6.Manage time more efficiently 

7. Make your presence more effective at meetings and in other situation

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