Monica Gialdini-Ghezzi



Let me introduce myself: my name is Monica Gialdini, creator and handmade jewelry maker in Lugano, where I have lived for over 20 years.

I have a degree in economics and business and I have 3 daughters, for many years I dedicated myself full time to being a mom, parking every work realization project, but continuing to dedicate myself, as a hobby, to working with stones. In October 2012, following a personal exhibition in Paris, I opened my atelier in Lugano where I still work.
I started making jewelry because on the market I didn't find a satisfactory answer to my wishes. I was looking for jewels that were inspired by the fashion of the moment, not trivial but that kept value and that were at the same time outside the schemes of classic jewelry. Above all, the precious item I was looking for had to be exclusive and preferably personalized. On my way I meet several women who had the same need, for this reason I transformed my
passion into a work activity that allows me to help women like me who are not looking for mass production. My customer avatar are nonconformist women who are not afraid to dare and who want non-industrial jewelry through which to express their personality

My mission is to find the right balance between an unequivocally perfect piece and the personal and unique taste of each of my clients
I handmade silver jewelry with semiprecious stones and different gems in customizable pieces, because I want people to identify with what they wear to best represent themselves, their values.

My art is the art of the unique piece because my goal is to enhance what we are: unique and unrepeatable, where our uniqueness makes us special and must become our strength to show.

The jewel from a simple ornament becomes the tool to express our message and how we want to be perceived, what wear., specially for us.
For this reason my jewel is creating around you!

How was your experience with me?