Ronit Ziswiler



Ronit is a native of Israel and a resident of Switzerland. Throughout her life Ronit has lived in no less than 11 different countries, including Nigeria, Africa, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway,Argentina, Ecuador in South America, Canada and the US. Her lifestyle created in her a deep passion and interest in different cultures and sparked a special love of colour. Ronit was influenced by the costumes of the citizens from each of the countries she lived in, the
designs that distinguished each of their cultures, and especially the different colors of each country - colors that changed in different settings, like the light of the sun, the weather, and the crisp white snow. Color has excited Ronit from early childhood. She has always been drawn to various combinations of colors and shapes and loved, as a child, to match unacceptable colors with each other in her clothes.

When Ronit lived in Washington DC, her husband's role as Ambassador took her to various formal and casual events. There were many powerful women who held key roles at these events, and Ronit found that she too was required to find her own voice, and to represent herself elegantly, with special emphasis on personal touch and style. This inspired Ronit to teach herself how to make jewelry. She would break and smash vintage jewelry and recreate new pieces from the same materials. Along with these vintage pieces, she also incorporated stones and pearls, and created many short chains that she wore once and then again dismantled and created into another new piece. During this experimental phase Ronit also took more formal lessons in jewelry design, so she could expand her knowledge and creativity in her field. While studying she noticed that handmade jewelry was very expensive and that many women could not afford these high costs.

These insights led her to turn her hobby and love of jewelry making into a passion lead profession, and she establish a small business creating beautiful, unique, and affordable jewelry. Having made a workshop space in her house, and after many long nights and a lot of hard work, Ronit created her first collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Today, Ronit manages the business herself and is in charge of the design and creation, as well as the promotion of her unique pieces. Her jewelry incorporates bold colours and shapes that are influenced by the countries and cultures that she’s lived in. The materials she uses are of the highest quality, and are lightweight and comfortable, so each piece transitions beautifully from day to evening, and are designed to be worn with both casual and glamorous outfits.

Ronit's ultimate goal is for women to recognize her unique brand of jewellery, and to select pieces from her collections that help them uncover and embrace their personal identity. Ronit says, "A woman who is classical, energetic and does not flinch when people turn their heads when she enters a room, is a woman who represents something unique to herself, and my jewelry helps her make her appearance truly memorable and powerful.”

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