Rosy Falcone



Rosy Falcone - Business Coach e Master

Trainer di Exalta Sa Lugano
Rosy Falcone, Business Coach and Master Trainer of Exalta. Certified
in advanced Master of Neuro-linguistic Programming. Graduated in
Psychology. She has more almost 20 years of experience in coaching
and she has specialized in communication and neuro-sales issues.
She collaborates as Business Coach with various companies to train entrepreneurs and managers in order to improve their performances and manage their team in better way. Sales network motivator.

Thanks to her powerful methodologies and training plans, realized in a customized way, she supports people to give their best and achieve their goals. She is registered in the Italian register of Experts in health sector.

Some of her courses:

“Emotional and persuasive communication” (to loyal relationship)
“Selling with charm and charisma” (doing business with style)
“Sales and managment leader” (to insurance field)
“ Stituational Leadership” (being Leader in life)
“Linguistic Excellence” (Course on effective language with NPL linguistic technique)
“The Change Managment” (Course to overcome change fears)
“Communication on Sales Point” (Course for entrepreneurs and collaborators)
“No-verbal Communication and microsignals” (Course to capture unconscious intent of customer)
“Personality colours during sale” (reading customer’s personality for a focused interaction)
“Voice to sell and voice to understand” (Vocal expressiveness in sale)
“Doctor-patient relationship for therapeutic adherence (Effective Communication in medical field)
“Pharmacoaching” methodologists a proprietary for patient management in Pharmacy
“Change management in health care” (Using personal resources for change management)
“Persuasive Communication in technical sector: how to effectively sell IT solutions”
“Emergencies Pshychology” Course adressed to Teams in First Aid and crisis management
“Communication in Suregery” (Course adressed to Surgeons, Anesthtists, Nurses)

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