Taking care of the brain

Everyone knows someone or knows of someone with Alzheimer`s or dementia. I personally watched my grandmother going through all Alzheimer stages and it was heartbreaking. While these conditions are mostly spread among seniors, the brain fog, another neuro degenerative disease, will be the problem of younger population.

Brain fog is caused by inflammation and its known factors include :

Environmental irritant: heavy metal toxicity, mold, parasites, viruses and bacteria

Mind/emotional/mental stressors: physical and emotional trauma, brain injury, life stressors such as illness, divorce, accident, continuous stress load at work and private life

Leaky gut: caused by processed food, refined carbohydrates, fried food and all food riddled with fungicides, herbicides, pesticides and GMO organism

Genetics: can either lie dormant and never develop or come to expression.

While a person would need a professional therapy to recover from emotional traumas we could influence, by practicing a healthy lifestyle, our well-being and brain`s good condition.

What are the natural healers for our brain? How can we even improve its function and try to avoid the inflammation?

OMEGA-3 fatty acids: essential for brain function and structure. They may help prevent depression, anxiety, age-related mental decline, mental disorder… just to mention few. Omega-3 fatty acids include DHA, EPA and ALA.


Vitamin D3: A simple blood test can determine your Vit-D level and testing every 3 months will make sure that your blood levels are within the safe and healthy range. You get your Vit- D from the sun exposure but there will be several factors that determinate how much of it your body could produce (the time of day, where you live, colour of your skin, the amount of skin you expose, age etc.) If you don’t go out much sunbathing, supplementing works well, too.


Vitamin K2: An essential vitamin that many people never heard of, which works synergistic-ally with some other nutrients, like Calcium and Vit-D. It is essential to combine Vit-K2 (not to confuse with K1-used by the body primarily for blood coagulation) with Vit-D3 if taken as supplement.

It is needless to say that food plays the key role to stay healthy and our gut is the primary life support for the body. Your intestine is home to many different bacteria and flora that helps the digestion, absorbing vitamins and minerals but also play important immune function. All the bad foods already mentioned above cause harm to your gut microbe, which could result in so called leaky gut. It will allow the harmful substances to land in your bloodstream as well as in the brain.

Anxiety and Chronic Stress seems to be a constant companion in our daily lives. When under stress, the body pumps out hormones cortisol and adrenaline as part what is known as the fight or flight response, and the body remains on “high alert”. After the stressful situation passes, the body should relax, and hormones should return to normal. But not nowadays…-the alarm clock in the morning, the coffee for breakfast, rush hours, stressful job, too many activities, nasty neighbor lurking in the garden or thriller watched late at night, all this expose people to constant stress. That means stress hormones like cortisol often stay elevated. Unfortunately, many of us will not associate these factors with downshift of body vitality, good health and energy level. Until you deal with the issues, your health will continue to be impacted. And if you think, you have reached the stress level that robs your sleep and sabotage your mood it is time to look at some ways to help manage your body`s ability to handle stress:

Taking time for calming hobbies

Practicing relaxation techniques-like deep breathing, mindfulness, gratitude journals, positive self affirmation

Taking time to lough with friends or simply watching, listening to good comedy

Forest or moderate mountain nature walks

You could also try some natural, calming herbs and nutrients that could help you with relaxation. These will be: Chamomile, Lemon balm, Valerian, Ashwagandha or Bacopa. Very helpful will also be Magnesium and Vitamin B complex.

Magnesium-Mineral that stabilizes mood and promotes feelings of calmness and well-being. It also plays an essential role in nerve function and is crucial for healthy sleep.

Vitamin B complex- is well known for reducing stress, supporting relaxation, and maintaining energy.

Healthy brain depends on healthy body. Take the first step, this might seem the most difficult but it is worth it.

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