Why we need more women leaders

Why we need more women leaders

“Women make up about 40% of all employees, but just 6% of CEOs” – Goldman Sachs report (2018)

“Women CEOs make up 6.4% of the Fortune 500 list in America. An increase from the previous years but still incredibly low” – 2017 Fortune 500

Nowadays, these facts and numbers are sadly still not surprising. We are well aware that women leaders are still a rarity, but despite this awareness, it is still difficult to fill in the gender diversity gap.

In recent years, research has shown that increasing female leadership is helping companies thrive with unprecedented results. The data also suggests that, in many areas, employers and their industries have unfortunatley not "returned the favor".

According to a research conducted by The Harris Poll in 2018, half of Americans would like to work for a female leader.

Women-led organizations are also more likely to have employees engaged, inspired, and satisfied than male-led companies - women-led companies are, therefore, not only good for business but also good for employees.

Simply put, women in leadership positions give better overall results.
It’s time to change the gender diversity in our leadership teams as well as create a new form of leadership.
What are the key factors to develop to be a woman leader? There are definitely many:

Resilience, Community building, ability to set healthy boundaries, innovation, empathy, just to name a few.

Let’s look at the 3 key elements that I define as most important:

- Setting boundaries: as a leader you must learn to say NO more often, being conscious that saying no opens up many more opportunities to say yes to. Setting boundaries doesn’t mean being selfish, it actually means that you will be able to show up with more authenticity, presence and love. Setting clear boundaries will also prevent you from stress, anger and resentment. As a woman leader, you need to protect your time and energy and you do that by setting effective boundaries.

- Resilience: is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. In this ever changing situation worldwide, being able to overcome personal and professional setbacks is key. It means you’re flexible, you bend but you don’t break. You can build resilience by fully being present with yourself, your needs and by not attaching any meaning about yourself to facts that happen. Being resilient means that you are willing to experience also the “negative” emotions , but without letting them stop you. You’ll be able to see “failure” as lessons to learn from and that will give you even more strenght.

- Self reflection: research shows that leaders who value self reflection are better performing. Being able to ask yourself deep questions, knowing your values and desires, getting the support of a coach all deepens your self awareness and self reflection skills. A woman leader who knows her vision and is able to connect with her own intuition is a powerful asset for every company

When as women leaders we are able to switch from the reactive and stress-filled attitude to one of proactive, engaged and generous everyone’s experience improves. Our performance gets better, the work of people around us gets better, and honestly it’s way more fun!
The change starts with you.
Whether you’re already holding a leadership position in your current company, or you are starting your own entrepreneurial project, or you simply want to become a role model that inspires your family and the community you’re living in, know that you can express your authentic and full leadership.
If you want some help with building your resilience, mantain useful boundaries and explore deep self reflection, then book a free consultation with Giulia, life & leadership coach for women.
She will help you step into your authentic and courageous leadership, both in your personal life and your career.

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